5 Ways to Lower Cholesterol

   About 70 Million Americans Could Take Statins Under New Guidelines

   Antioxidants Don't Lower Heart Risk

   A produce rich diet Help BP stay in Check

   Blood Pressure Drugs Linked to Increased Breast Cancer Risk

   Calcium Supplements Increase Heart Attack Risks

   Calcium Supplements Linked to Heart Attacks

   Cruciferous Vegetables Reduce Inflammation

   Dangers of Trans Fat

   Diet Loaded With Veggies, Fruits and Whole Grain May Reduce Stroke

   Diet rich in fruits and veggies can overcome genetic risk of Heart Disease

   Drinking Just One Soft Drink a Day May Boost Your Risk 

   Early Start to Heart Disease - Veggies May be the Cure

   Eating your way to heart health

 Exercise, Fruits and Veggies Help Keep Heart Healthy

   Fruits and Vegetables Prevent Disease

   Good Cholesterol Drug Fails Tests

   Healthy Diet May Counteract Heart Disease Gene

   Heart Disease and Foods

   Helen's Story

   High Blood Pressure Remedies 

   How a Plant-Based Diet Can Reduce Hypertension and Prevent Stroke

   How NOT to Need Viagra

   How to Become a 21st-Century Hunter-Gatherer

   Kidney disease 

   Letter to President Bill Clinton - Feb 2010

   Low Fat Diets

   Lower risk of heart attack

  More Whole Grains Linked with Lower Mortality

   Outwit Bad Heart Genes with Diet

   Potassium-Rich Foods Lower Stroke Risks

   Predicting Heart Health in Kids

   Red Meat

   Red Meat, Gut and Heart disease 

   Reducing stroke risk

   Regional Colleges Ditching Trans Fat

   Shifting America from sick care to genuine wellness

   Statin Drugs and Kids

   Sugar and Heart Disease

   The "MacStatin": Fast food with some ketchup, salt, and a statin to go

   Teens on their way to heart disease

   The Scientific Definition of Obesity and its Dangers

   Trans Fat Information

   Vanderbilt Blood Pressure Study

   Can too much Vitamin D increase cardiovascular risk?

   Vitamin K to Prevent Arterial Plaque

   Weight, Diet, Exercise & Cancer

   Why You Should Eat More Fruits and Vegetables


   The Affects of Oil on Cardiovascular Health   

   Aspirin & Cardiovascular Health

   Aspirin and Heart Attacks

   Baby Aspirin for Heart Attacks: Does it work?

   Blood Pressure Drugs Do Not Reduce Risk

   Cholesterol Information


   Dr. Pam Popper on Cardiac Care

   Dr. Pam Popper on Heart Drugs

   Exercise and Cardiovascular Disease

   Fish Oil Omega DHA - Increases Cancer & Cardiovascular Risks

   Flu Shots Increase Cardiovascular Risks

   HDL (Good Cholesterol) Facts

   Heart Disease and Hormones

   Heart Drugs

   NEJM Interview - Cardio Risks with ADD Drugs

   Sodium Restriction Does Not Help Cardiovascular

   Statin Drugs Pt. 1  (message begins at 1:25)

   Statin Drugs Pt. 2

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