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I AM THE FIRST PHONE CALL you make when you think you are in labor. I usually arrive within 30 minutes. After I assess both you and the baby, one of two things happen; I call your doctor if labor is in the `active' stage or we just relax, I get you fed and hydrated and together we work on relaxation techniques. After you have been in active labor for more than one hour and you are beginning to dilate we start the discussion on when the drive to the hospital will occur. It has been my experience that the longer I can keep you out of the hospital the better your birth will go and the more comfortable you will stay.

UPON ARRIVING AT THE HOSPITAL:  I make sure everyone that will be in contact with you is familiar with your birth plan, and that it is being followed.

AFTER THE BIRTH, I stay up to four hours after to make sure a proper nursing relationship has been established. I am available for phone calls the next three days for your emergencies. Most questions and problems can be answered over the phone. However, if I need to come to your home there is a $75.00 fee.

TYPICALLY, I MEET WITH BOTH THE MOM AND DAD at least once, to assess what it is they consider important with their birth. I have a sample birth plan to start your conversations. This initial meeting is approximately one hour and you will receive your finalized birth plan for your approval within ten days of this meeting. This meeting, including the writing of your birth plan, is charged out at $75.00 as well.

ALSO, I GENERALLY MEET WITH THE MOM and sometimes Dad one or two more times before the birth, to work on relaxation techniques. These meetings conducted in your home are a fee of $75.00.

THE BIRTH, whether it is 10 hours or 40 hours is $750. I do have invoices that you can submit to your insurance company to try and get them to help in the cost.


I hope this helps you better assess what the process includes and I look forward to meeting you both together, soon.

Lynne Page, CPT, CYT & NMD


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