Lecture Services 


My focus is helping people to get and stay healthy, to avoid unnecessary future prescriptions, hospitalizations, illnesses and disease.  Any time you have a medical condition good nutrition can make it better and poor nutrition will make it worse!

In my lectures I try to help people see the benefits of eating a primal diet and I give them suggestions on how to incorporate better choices for their everyday fast paced lives.

The Recipe for Better Health

This lecture is an educational forum that will help people understand how their body works. Why the Standard American Diet (SAD) is just that "sad".  Why we American's have the very worst statistics on Wellness but the best in pharmaceuticals.  How to avoid family genetics like cancer, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, etc.  And how to make eating well, simpler and more convenient for the fast pacedd lifestyle of most of us!  Each person who has experienced The Recipe For Better Health comes away with a great sense of understanding and awareness. Then they can apply the things that they have learned and reach the desired goals that they have been looking for without unhealthy diets, fasting and useless exercise regimens.

Food is Fuel

So why do athletes get sick if they're supposed to be so fit?  Find out why famous trainers at Olympic levels do NOT recommend sport drinks and carb loading.  Find out how to make your body more efficient and preform to peak performance! 

Or maybe you just want to run a 10K and survive.  Find out how to fuel your body with the foods that it needs to make it seem easy! And proper training length schedules and increase to avoid injury.

On the Grow

This seminar is for parents, teachers, PTA's, and all those who love kids.  Learn how to help kids run faster, jump higher and decrease their symptoms of ADD and ADHD, Asthma and a host of others.  We will use tools from Dr. William Sears, Pediatrician and well iknown author.  Dr. Jane Oekle, Author of Natural Choices for Attention Deficit Disorder, Dr. Paul Sryker, Sports Medicine Physician and first Pediatrician assigned to the Olympics as well as a host of other well known health professionals to get to the bottom of how to keep our kids healthy and strong! 


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