Yoga Therapy 

Yoga is one of the premier exercises to gain Strength, Endurance, and Agility. It can be practiced at any time of the day or night, alone, in a group, or even joining one's body with another (Partner Yoga).

Yoga has been shown to relieve stress, lessen fatigue symptoms (even of those suffering with MS and stroke), increase muscularity and core strength, help with injury prevention and rehab the body after injury or surgery.

I offer all levels and types of Yoga for individuals and groups. I offer modifications for specific strengths and weaknesses of the individual, within each workout.

I teach to Special Needs populations (MS and Stoke), pre-natal, Senior Citizen's, Teens, toddlers, kids and General Populations. Whether or not you are an advanced athlete, just trying to remain fit, or need to do your yoga practice in a chair…it make's no difference, I will design a yoga practice for you!!!

If you are interested in having me offer Yoga classes for you, for your church, at your place of employment or for your friends, just click the link below.

Please contact me for my weekly class schedule and locations

I look forward to helping you in your fitness goals. 

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