My Thoughts on Nutrition and Supplements:

In my almost 20 years of watching, teaching, researching and reading everything there is to read on Vitamins, supplementation and the like, it is my opinion that ALL nutrition should come from whole foods.

Research has finally begun to prove that man-made vitamins are doing just the opposite of what they claim to do. Vitamin use has been shown to actually attract free radicals to the cell itself. (For more information on this subject, CLICK HERE)

The problem with getting 100% of our nutritional needs from foods is that if I were to do this myself, there is no way I would have time to do anything but chew! Simply put, I cannot eat the suggested 20+ servings of Fruits and Vegetables each and every day.

If I were to eat as much variety and quantity of fruits and vegetables as I need, that would be great...But I won't, you can't get everything all the time. And what is to say for the people that think Kale taste like green plastic? Or for those that cannot get close to a Rutabaga or Brussels Sprout? How then do I ensure for these clients, and myself, get the full spectrum? We all need both the Blueberry and the Kiwi…

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