Corporate Fitness 


Lynne’s Health Highway offers Fitness Classes, Yoga, Strength Training, Nutritional Lectures, etc. to the corporate world. We bring the fitness to the employees, before work, during lunch or directly after the work day.


The Corporation enjoys healthier employees who miss less work and are more productive while they are at work! The employees lose fat, eat better, lower the blood pressure and cholesterol and have a greater control of their blood sugar, increasing their overall energy level!


The Corporation pays nothing! This is an employee pay-as-you-go program. The employee pays only for the classes that they are able to attend, working around their personal work schedule. On occasion the corporation will buy supplies (i.e. step benches, group exercise equipment, etc.) to be owned by the company for all classes and future classes to be held within their facility.

How It Works

A room is designated for exercise, often sharing space with the lunch area or meeting room. The schedule (prepared by Lynne’s Health Highway) is posted in general areas within the facility, bringing awareness to the program. The first class that the employee attends, a punch card is issued for that employee and Lynne’s Health Highway is responsible for all communications and collections for all classes for that employee.


Each class is $10, lasting 45 to 55 minutes in length, depending on the company. The employee has two options for payment:

  • 1) Pay for each class attended as they attend
  • 2) Buy a ten class punch card for $100 and get one class for free.    (Purchase Below)


“Wellness Wednesday’s” and other lecture type programs will be offered to all corporations participating in corporate classes free of charge to both the corporation and the employee.

Company Information

COMPANY INFORMATION – Lynne’s Health Highway is incorporated and carries its own liability insurance. All instructors are certified by ACSM, ACE, AIFE and/or AFAA. They all have currant CPR certifications and participate in Continuing Education Credits. I, Lynne Page, am a “Master Trainer” and carry each of these certifications; I am on staff with ACE and AFAA certification boards, providing continuing education for those in my field.

I look forward to serving you,
Lynne Page , CPT, CYT & NMD 

10 Class Punch Card

$ 100.00 USD

10 Class Punch Card $100

11 Classes Total: FREE class with each card!


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