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   Antioxidant Update

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   Are Natural Cures Bad For Your Health?

   Calcium May Increase Prostate Cancer Risk

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   Calcium Supplements Linked to Heart Attacks

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   Dietary Supplements May Harm Older Women

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   Doctor, which vitamins should I take?

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    Nutrition Myths and Healthy Dietary Advice in Clinical Practice

    Omega 3, 6 & 9

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    Stop Wasting

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    The Truth About Herbal Supplements (Men's Journal article)

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    Vitamins Increase Risk of Cognitive Impairment in Elderly

    Vitamins Increase Prostate Cancer 

    Vitamins Increase Risk With Older Women

    Vitamin Supplement in Relation to Death

    Vitamin Supplements Increases Risk for Death

    Vitamins Don't Prevent Heart Disease

    Warning- Herbal Products Contaminated

    Who Benefits from Vitamins

    Why Your Vitamins Aren't Working 


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    Fish Oil Omega - Doesn't help cardiovascular issues

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    Vitamin D Testing

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    Vitamins Continue to be Pushed in Spite of the Evidence

    Vitamins Increase the Risk of EVERYTHING!  (message beings at 0:55)

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