Creative Party Idea for Kids!


  A Better Breakfast Can Boost a Child

   A Third of 9-Month-Olds Already Obese or Overweight

   ADHD: A Demand for a Healthy Diet

   Advertising to Kids

   Are Multivitamins for Kids Worthless?

   Calcium Supplements have ‘little benefit’ for Kids

   Centrum Kids Multivitamin Supplement Facts

   Child Obesity Facts

   Childhood Obesity Linked to Harmful Western Diet

   Do Synthetic Food Colors Cause Hyperactivity?

  Doctors say Kidney Stones in Kids are on the Rise

   Don’t eat that! Telling kids about fast food

   Fast-Food Experts Analyze Kid's Meals

   Five Kids Meals Not So Healthy

   Food Dyes

   Fruit in that juice? It Could be Red Dye

   Halting seeds of chronic illness in tots

   Hooked on McDonald's at Age 3

   How to Get Kids to Eat More Veggies

   Hyper Kids and Preservatives

   Insulin Resistance and Adiposity In Relation to - Journal of Pediatrics

   Junk Food May Limit Children

   Kid-Friendly Fats - The Skinny on Essential Fatty Acids

   Kids Tip Sheet

   Kid's Vitamins Aren't as Healthy as Advertised

   Many Children not Getting Enough Exercise

   More Students Saying No to Junk Food in School Cafeterias

   Natural Foods Fuel the Body Better

   Nemours Study with Juice Plus+ and Children

   Nine Simple Steps to a Healthier Family Diet

   Parent Role in Kids Nutrition

   Predicting Heart Health in Children

  Preventing and Treating ADHD in Children

   One in 12 U.S. Children May Have Food Allergies

   Our Children are our Future

   Regional Colleges Ditching Trans Fat

   Research Links Pesticides with ADHD in Children

   Sleep and Childhood Obesity

   Sniffles come readily with just a dip into the SAD diet

   So Young and So Many Pills

   Soda in a Sippy Cup

   Soft Drinks Linked to Health Problems

   Steady Diet of Fast Food Could Hurt Kids Academically 

   Study Finds High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury

   Teens on their way to heart disease

   The Changing Face of Teenage Drug Abuse — The Trend toward Rx's

   TV Ads Double Children's Junk Food Intake

   Whooping Cough Vaccine

   Young Children Now Being Targeted For Statin Drug Use


   ADD and Academic Performance    

   Dr. Pam Popper: Almost All Children's Lunches are Unhealthy Neuropathy (YouTube)

   The Harm of Soft Drinks in the  Home

   The Harm of Traditional Treatment for Type II Diabetes

   Healthy School Lunches- A Need for Support & Education

   Kids Getting Sicker Earlier in Life

   Prescriptions for Children's ADHD

   Protein Excess and Obesity in Children

   Risks of Childhood Obesity

   The Risks of Dairy in Children's Diets

   Type 2 Diabetes in Kids

   Whooping Cough Vaccine 

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